Reviews for "WH40K: SpaceHulk"

'Stelers FTW

Very well done and F**Ken funny. The scary thing is the simularity of your video to the old 1995 "Spacehulk: vengence of the blood angels" PC game. Same first mission and everything, only yours had better animation :P.

WOW! no really WOW!

I've always been a fan of WH40K. I personally love the series. You have done it justice. You took a horribly broken plot-line that the Black Library literally crapped out and threw onto paper and gave it new meaning. In all due honesty the voices could have been better. Maybe worked on the all around sound quality. But other then that it was perfect. Made my day. 9/10

pretty awsome!

this is a great animation, just hope you do more, there are plenty of woop wopp i think i have won moments in space hulk followed by being mauled to death by gean stealer's so hopefully a squeal will be coming up... all in all, wishing there will be another, otherwise, just keep up with the good animation!

Mission Successful!

The voice acting was by and large very good, as was the animation. I particularly enjoyed the wtf-boom moment, and must admit that, if I had an assault cannon, I'd probably be pretty gay with it too. Good work!

I am gay with my assault cannon! ...eh...probably

To be completely honest, I've never heard of WH40K or SpaceHulk , but I love this video, I'll have to check it out. The animation and voiceing is great, I'm curious though, as to how those little bastards tear through those gargantuan suits of armor.