Reviews for "WH40K: SpaceHulk"

I just love Zael. Never played the games, but Zael just seems so epic.

Very good animation and i often thought of those plot holes after i played the game as the Astartes (and won :D) like how they ARE super-humans wearing a heavier version of what they would usually wear, so instead of all the mucking about in the corridors why didn't they make corridors? or widen the corridors by smacking them open with their fists?

though that bit at the end when Zael goes into Post traumatic stress and Insanity. wouldn't he have given into Chaos? Just saying.Yes i am a massive fan of the 40K universe. :)

Genestealers are cool and can EASILY kill an artats (space marine) even in a terminator suit with a thunger hammer and thunder sheild.
In other words, those terminators are f*^&ed!
(this is coming for a space marine fan and collector, so the imperium is screwed by the tyranids!

*com link for chapter master zenoths*

I LoVe it!

I love iron maiden! But, I L-L-Loved this flash even more!


whens the next one come out