Reviews for "WH40K: SpaceHulk"

best movie ever hehe

lol lol lol

That was C-Convienient

Loved tihs video it was great i never got all into the table top of 40K i wish i coulda, i thught this was really good and funny. Well done keep it up looking forward to more.

Loved it.

I love 40K, and the only time I have NOT wanted to stab a Librarian in the eye is when they're giving me a hand in Dawn of War.

The humor was epic.

Prepare to die. I mean, launch.

Personally, this is my first encounter with a Space Hulk... and I love the idea. Not talking about the game, the hulk itself; the drifting mass that weaves its way in and out of the warp, collecting detritus, asteroids, starships, and spacestations as it passes between dimensions... frig, I feel inspirations coming on.

Must... write... new... story...


You did an awesome job on this. Even as a diehard fan of 40k, I took no offense to this. Humor is humor, and this covered the board games very well.
The tabletops aren't as limiting, and of course, the video games aren't very limiting at all.
Maybe either of those will be more merciful on you, should you desire less of a challenge. :)
Your art style is awesome, as well. Your Terminators looked pretty damn sweet, and your Librarian looked like a snobby asshole. In other words, your Librarian was pretty spot on. Hate those bastards. :P

...and Pepyco300, a Space Hulk is basically space debris(ships, asteroids, junk)that float in and out of The Warp, and are usually so full of bad shit, Chaos, or Genestealers, that the Imperium orders it destroyed ASAP.


THere goes my smile.