Reviews for "Apple iPaper"


This animation is exactly what would happen if they made paper, and it made me lol.

I need to buy one right now!!!!

I've been waiting for an environmentally friendly, no battery, never lagging device like this for so long. Where can I buy one of these?

I can already see some errors in the designs.

i can see already that you can't save more than 1 file,i also see that they did not add any new music features nternet or games.


HOW MUCH!?!?! £$£$500000000?!?!?! HERE HAVE IT :3 :3 :3 :3

PAPER 2!?!?!? MUST BUYIT!!!!!!!!!

hope you're proud of yourselves Mr Jobs....you've made slaves out of the world....

Chag responds:

iPaper2: It's even thinner and doubles as a napkin

Quick question...

Can it play Angry Birds?

Chag responds:

If you buy the 'apple scissors' expansion for only $70 then you create animated sequences as certain fragments of the display move across the main page.

By incorporating real world physics you'll get the most immersive Angry Birds experience from across any platform