Reviews for "Apple iPaper"


What is going to be the price for iPaper?
I hope it isn't going to be $140 per sheet....

Apple makes the best ideas ever! I'm so happy they made this unique idea.
iPaper - It may kill trees, but it is still awesome.

Just this morning...

I wondered how is modern paper so thin? Is it cut? Pressed? Both? Or something completely different? But I think I've already seen that episode of "How It's Made" and forgotten, ha.


amazing. animation was a little off tho but pretty funny.


if we somehow came up with cgi animation, music, t.v, and everything else for this, B4 paper, then holy (Expletive Deleted)

Chag responds:

We'd make millions.


The idea was good and I was laughing for the first thirty seconds or so, but the novelty of the animation wore off quickly and soon became boring.