Reviews for "Apple iPaper"


That was really funny. The lip syncing was alittle weird for me and it was kinda dragged out, but the concept was pretty funny. very creative.


Very creative XDD.

Amazing parody!

I want IPaper now! Seriously though, this is great...The animation could be better, but I don't care...amazing!


the only thing bad is that their faces move wierd

Chag responds:

Seven minutes of lip syncing is really annoying! Best shortcut I could find, works well enough I guess >_>

It just... keeps... going...

I opened it up, and I laughed. Then a few minutes went by and I chuckled. Then a few more minutes went by and I got bored. And then more bored. And then I was wondering if it would ever end.

The point is made within the first 2 minutes, it really doesn't need to be as long as it is. All the production points are great, it's just ...way too long.

Chag responds:

Cheers dude, I chuckle at the irony though... Seeing as the next one will probably get complaints of being too short