Reviews for "Apple iPaper"

i cant tell if it's dry or just boring.

There are quite funny parts, though. Also, only with an apple parody can you get away with a completely white bg......maybe gap parodies, too.

Chag responds:

Blank background was one of the big reasons I was able to churn this out in like 4 days


They really would do that too! I almost thought it was the same guy as the one with the Ipad. Really great. It sounded like they wrote it too, it was really great. The way they describe it makes it seem like the next discovery of fire! BUT, you forgot something. A completely outrageous price! Update!


i feel like buying ipaper lol very good video hope to see more good one like this

Overwhelmingly accurate

This is about as perfect as it gets when it comes to describing Apple's video "tours" on their products. Since they came out with the iPhone guided tour and the whole huge descriptions of their laptops and the MacBook Air, they really typecast themselves as boasting their ideas as the best thing that ever existed.

Sadly, the verbiage and the descriptions you used in this are not a stretch at ALL. This is exactly how they act.

I was laughing the entire time and was compelled to see how you should satirize this further. You even got the Apple designers personified to a t.

I'm quite impressed. I hope to see more of this stuff from you. You sure have a knack for it! Thanks for teh great submission!

Chag responds:

Hey man, thanks heaps!

The thing I noticed about their videos like this, is they're always very careful never to mention what a product DIDN'T do. So in this case, the fact that once you use a pen on paper... It's there to stay

too long but

That was hilarious. The lipsyncing was just a constant loop though and the faces moved akwardly. It was a perfect parody though so i guess the humour makes up for the animation.