Reviews for "Apple iPaper"

Maybe weekly is a bit too often

If you're going to do these weekly, maybe you could work on your animation a bit, or even stretch it out to monthly or something, so you have time to make something that's interesting to look at. Are a thousand crayon scribbles of ladies with curly-q hair in some way better than the Mona Lisa, to stretch a metaphor? I guess if you just needed any old thing to cover a wall or something, but wouldn't it be better to have something really impressive to show off instead?

I really don't care to stare at dudes twisting their jaws out of place and moving their hands up and down for seven whole minutes. Brevity is the soul of wit, and this is a great illustration of that very principle. If you're going to make people sit through a boring loader and intentionally dry dialogue, the least you could do is throw an explosion or something in there. This is animation, so animate.

Chag responds:

Hey, cheers for the feedback.

I do agree with you there, I do not plan on making something like this each week. The series is like a gigantic practice in a way to try out different techniques and styles. So obviously they will not be this long.

Ones to follow will be alot shorter and have much more dedication to decent artowrk and movement

I love it but...

Couldnt you have actually used a picture of real paper instead.


The Mouths.....

The mouth movements kind of scared me. It was just REALLY weird! The way the ear, eye brows, and JAW moves is against the laws of the human body. It was bizzare. I dont like this animation also because the VOICE ACTING was kind of annoying. Seriously....WORK on your ANIMATION. This is a lazy animation because you just loop the animations whenever someone speaks. Nothing varies. I give this freak of Flash a 2/5. Makes poop look good man....Nice attempt though...Practice a little more.

Funny but...

Really great idea, great work needs a bit smoother animations though, for the mouth movements more than anything.


Everytime I heard them say thatm I was in stitches! goodwork!