Reviews for "Apple iPaper"


This animation is exactly what would happen if they made paper, and it made me lol.

People bitching are just not getting it

People bitching about the image quality, animation, etc ... They're just not getting the absolute genius of the writing and material you've put into this. This is a complete slap in the face to every god damn marketing manager I've ever worked with who found ways to trump up such trivial bullshit as if it's the next best thing since sliced bread, and then have the gall to ramble on ... WITH A STRAIGHT FACE ... and talk about it as if they themselves are truly amazed at how awesome it is.

We've all seen parodies of late night infomercials, like where someone parodies selling a rock, and rambling on about all the useful things it can do ... a door stop, a personal weapon, BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!!

But this here, this is the epitome of parodying bullshit marketing campaigns. Some of these folks are just so full of themselves, they can sit there and talk to you about something so mundane as if it's so spectacular, you just can't believe they're that stupid. Do they even listen to themselves speak, or are they just this brain-addled to be so flabbergasted over mediocrity?

Apple can sell turds, and their marketing team will dream up some ad campaign like this, and have folks talk, WITH A STRAIGHT FACE, as if it's the biggest deal to happen since God invented the universe (and porn). It truly points out just how much good marketing can influence things. And, having a guy with a british accent talking intelligently about thigns ... Intellectual British accents always make things sound way smarter and more important than they really are.

I'm giving you a 10, because you've really hit it out of the park on this one. You hit the nail on the head. I don't care about the graphics. The overall message is what counts, and you, Sir, deserve a fucking cookie. I think you have to work several years in a corporate environment, where you see the behind-the-scenes marketing team dreaming up stuff like this (again, them being seriuos about it, too!), to truly appreciate just how awesome this parody is.

back to the drawing board

it looks like you put no effort into this. Take one look at your twitching characters.

Tell me why does one of their eyes move up and down? And I've never seen someone's nose shrink and expand when they talk. Do your eyebrows move and ears turn with every syllable you say? I've certainly never seen someone's arm go straight into their body! etc. etc. etc. Honestly!!!!

Also it was extremely long and boring!


I've seen the ipad Youtube video, and the first thing that I thought was BULLSHIT

Not Bad

A really funny Idea its just the animation could use some work.

Also be Careful its so thin you may get an IPaper cut. 0.0