Reviews for "Apple iPaper"

I want one

put me down for a hundred... no, make it NINE THOUSAND!

Paper is awesome

nice idea about that brainwashing commercials the industrie show us every day sadly paper was realy a technological breakthrough for humans but the flash is nice anyway

I thought it was terrifically funny.

This flash really shows that just about anyone can polish a turd effectively using the quasi-pompous Apple attitude.

I really liked all the different points the flash made. Throughout the flash I knew that somewhere I subconsciously wanted to buy paper.

The one thing I could not stand, however, was the characters' faces. I mean they were absolutely distracting. Their faces and the way they morphed all over the place made it very hard for me to concentrate on what they were saying.

Chag responds:

I hated how the visuals turned out... But I guess that's the result when you try and churn out a 7 minute video in 4 days -_-

Awesome satire

Very funny.

My Review

Well the faces weren't Very good, But The concept was funny. Since Apple makes products for everything, They came out with paper. Also the video was A bit boring after a minute.