Reviews for "Balloon in a Wasteland"

I'm to lazy to write, so I'll say this short, it's awesome
There's a glitch where if you jump and make him sleep, he'll stay in the air, and he'll be able even to buy thing up there, but enemies will NOT hurt you. The only 2 reasons to be on the ground is to place traps and actually do what are you supposed to do

very lovely game, much easer then its clones but i really enjoyed this.

This is a spectacular achievement and is probably my favorite game from jmtb02, who is one of the best game developers online. The atmosphere is perfect, making each successive night feel even tenser than the last, thus making you struggle against both time, your limitations, and your fears of the unknown. Both addictive and unique, Balloon in a Wasteland is a morose masterpiece from start to finish.


A great game with a nice musical atmosphere, quite creepy for first timers but I'll assure you, it is fine. Wasting your time with this game is worthhed, brings back memories of old school flash games, good replay value...

This game is so strangly addicting, even after I played it after a couple years. All the visuals, gameplay, and music work in its favor. It can be a bit difficult at times, but it's still enjoyable. My only problem is that there's no link to the soundtrack that plays while you're actually playing the game. The links provided are for the title screen music and the Game Over screen. Athough, that's not really a problem now is it? Nope.
5 stars right off the bat.