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Reviews for "Genie With Dirty Mind: 1"

LOL! Cock Joke!

No but really, this style of humor is not the least bit clever and is contemptible beyond measure. It indeed entertains its intended audience, so I had to put myself in that mind set. Where you could have fit an array of jokes with the same premise in the length of this flash, you recycled the same joke numerous times in a minute long time slot. If it got stale that fast, it probably wasn't a good idea to begin with. With my most honest, and unbiased opinion manageable, please do not attempt a series of this. By carrying on the tradition of predictable sexual innuendos you are not achieving anything. Looking at the genre you labeled it as 'Original'. The flaw in this is it yields no originality whatsoever. While the setting and characters are indeed potentially new, the methods and routine have all been seen before. When it came to dialogue, the fact that the boy's lack of differentiation in the way he said things suddenly thrust him into yet another innuendo shows perfectly how masterfully you lead into a punchline! It is as if this is completely unwitting!

On a more positive note: The animation, however limited, was solid. The lip syncing was well done. And the voices fit the characters. If you didn't have that going for you, you wouldn't get anything even remotely positive from me.

All in all, this movie doesn't compare to your other works and is just poorly. The comedy is predictable, the setting and characters are horribly two dimensional, but it looks and sounds nice.

D-Fear331 responds:

lol ur gay

Not funny

Short, predictable and not funny.

This is a one shot thing, i dont see how a series could be made out of it.

And i thought he was going to be granting a bunch of wishes that he turns dirty.

D-Fear331 responds:

Stop giving away the sequel.