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Reviews for "Genie With Dirty Mind: 1"


my favorite part of The Lazer Colection 3!!!


The SHEER fact that the Genie looked like the guy from Aladdin AND was childish was funny. Point-blank. It reminds me of back in the day in school :)
~That's what SHE said!!

My Friend and I with our Dirty Minds

My friend and I watched the Lazer Collection 3 awhile ago and we usually either quote when Doctor Octagonapus when he's freed from the lamp, or we'd quote the Genie with a dirty mind. I laughed so hard when this was added and laughed even harder watching this. Good Job~!


awesome flash but at the end you should have made the genies head an easter egg like when it was clicked it said swear words at you or it exploded then he heard wood and the pieces said kinda busy

I rofled so hard!