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Reviews for "Genie With Dirty Mind: 1"

How the heck did this only get Daily 4th?!

Dude, I laughed my ASS off the first time I watched this (and this time too...heheh) and I can say this much...who ever knew that trivial man-jokes could still be so fricking funny. It's like hearing the GOOD "That's what SHE said :D" jokes when your watching T.V. or hanging with your buddies.

Many props, my dear sir...many props. Hope you make another one! (and another LC would be epic too... ):D )

this remines me

why didn't you put the lazer collection in newgrounds


first time i heard it i laughed at the dirty parts, WITH the genie lol,also ive noticed in all of you submissions,ou make the backrond if its a wall you put like a squiggly line and 2 different colors,.........lol

like looking in a mirror

the genie acts exactly like my friend and i'm like that other kid (minus the glasses)
very funny

Yes, it must happen

The genie is not intolerable.