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Reviews for "RE4 - Leons Sharpshooting"


that was so funnyXD
i guess all bad guys and detectives with sniper rifles are pervertsXD
oh and the end part was very funny to:3

What are ya sellin'?!?!

Memorable quote from this video... short, sweet & to the point.


I thought it was quite amusing...the only thing I thought could have been better was at the end when the Merchant said "You're fucked.' I thought it would've been funnier if he said "You're fucked, Stranga" (in his oh so memorable dialect). haha


I was wondering when you guys were gonna put this up.

Maybe you should put this in MP4 format so it doesn't look at blurry on here.

O_O WTH...

that was funny dude and the animation is not to bad either.Thats one way to stop the chainsaw guys.