Reviews for "Marvel Tribute"

One little problem

That's the pop up saying please wait at the beginning, please take it out. Also, it seems like you can only block if you push some random buttons, but that may be just me so don't sweat. Other than that, awesome game, though a little too hard

YO....nice WoRk...

This game is cool..........7/10

AWSOME GAME!!! some improvements for a sequel

1) even more characters
2) alternate costumes for characters
3) make sure that war machine isnt just a recoloured iron man(where are his weapons)
4)make a sequel! please!

!!!!!!!!!! Seriously there is alot of marvel fighting games,and this is the best,its m 1st fav marvel fighting game thnx soooooooo much hope u make another thanks SpideyFan

Wheres Norimaro ?!?!