Reviews for "Marvel Tribute"

not bad

i loved the VS series, so after trying out this, i find that its an alright game. i found a few issues tho. sometimes with some characters such as juggernaut, some of his moves at close range don't connect, same with some supers. the game speed for me was a bit too slow, of course since i played the vs series i was used to the fast placed gameplay :P. the air combos could use some tuning up. overall great job.

i like it but make a 2nd game with the hulkbuster with iornman and hulk moves.pls thx

one of the best games ive played but it bugs sometimes

There's a glitch, sometimes when the fight voice sounds and your character doesn't makes his intro the gam will glitch and you can't do nothing but you can refresh the page and that's it but it will happen again and again


Also the game is awesome

how d I unlock thanos and thor?