Reviews for "Marvel Tribute"

One More Thing

When I Play in Arcade Mode the game freezes up. But other than that superb job!! I love the game. But try to fix the problem if you can.

One little problem

That's the pop up saying please wait at the beginning, please take it out. Also, it seems like you can only block if you push some random buttons, but that may be just me so don't sweat. Other than that, awesome game, though a little too hard

Take the Pop Up out

Take the fricking pop up out of the beginning of the game you noob

flashkof responds:

and the game ?

I can't say it's bad...

I can't play it. Everytime I try it only shows a black screen. But I've always wanted a fighting Marvel game to play online and I know someday you will fix it so I'll give it a 10. But fix it if you can.

flashkof responds:

Thanks, I fix it, it was a problem with internet explorer and Mac navigator.

Mission Acomlished.

This is an awesome tribute to marvel (or marvel vs capcom) Very fun.

one glitch i would like you to fix is.... at the end of the round if you quickly press both kicks the round wont end till you max out or let go(very tempting to exploit)

and a suggestion i give is add a little dmg for blocking(player and com) and make the ai blockless due to this change

flashkof responds:

Thanks, I fix the power up at the end of round issue