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Reviews for "Invisible Runner"


A cool original concept, but it's being bogged down by slow gameplay and glitchy platforms. A faster, more smooth and polished gameplay (preferably with a shorter/more ball-like character) could really make this one a classic.

Damn it..

I tried to like it I really did, even after reading the reviews I still played it... seriously fix the glitches. Its a really neat concept and the art though simplistic was pretty darn good but.. the collisions aren't registering right. Halt the time you can jump right though the floors and what have you the other half the time they knock you down immediately. Good job keep up the good work and please fix this so it is playable. 3/5


Average to crappy gameplay, stupid graphics and tons of glitches. The idea is OK, but you really messed it up.

It was OK.

Kinda glitchy in some areas. Controls were really buggy too. Like I'd have to stop running and then jump - THEN move forward while in mid-air. Not really a whole lot of guesswork either. Still a fun game, but could be really great if some tweaks were made.

Worthwhile experiment

After a certain point, not being able to see or discern where the only thing I controlled in the game was became less of a challenge and more of an annoyance. There should at least be some indication of when the character is walking (play footstep sounds, for instance). The game was also dull in terms of level design.