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Reviews for "Invisible Runner"

Brilliant concept, a bit of poor execution.

In a world where every single flash game relies on the power of sight, one game stands aside and says "look at me, I'm different." There were times in 'Invisible Runner' that I felt brilliant, using only my memory of speed and where my runner MIGHT be to complete a level. I really liked this game.
But, as with all great concepts, there is always room for improvement. There are quite a few bugs, whether it be because of the 'grip' of the character (sometimes I felt like I had made a jump, when two seconds later, I'd land on a pellet to find I was on the other side of the level.) I really like this game, and feel that it should deserve a 10, but the bugs present make that decision impossible. It is a great game nonetheless. Good job.

A good idea

A classic good idea poor execution scheme going on with this game. The only real problem is the way the physics in this game work. It really seems like a low grade platformer. The idea is unique, and would have worked had it not been for the poor execution.

too easy

The concept is good but the jumping is kinda bad and the levels are too easy. improve on that, and you get a good game.

good start

Graphics: 3/3 ''good drawings''
Sound: 2/3 ''just normal''
Gameplay: 2/4 ''some glitches here some glitches there but overall fun''
a nice beginning if you make a version 2 just fix the glitches and why can that guy jump half through platforms..?

Good idea, not best implementation.

The idea of the game is fun... but the not always responsive controls and very very shaky collision detection ruin it.