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Reviews for "Invisible Runner"


Cool concept, but very glitchy. What is with the runner bouncing up and down when he is standing still, almost as if the floors weren't solid and he kept going through them but the floor pushes him back up. Another thing that was super annoying was the fact that the level started right away when you beat the previous level. I kept beating a level and holding right, then straight away I already lost a life on the next because there is a pit there. Another thing is that when you jump on something it pushes me back as well, there was a level where i jumped right before the laser thing and then it pushed me back into spikes. I think it's bullshit. This game made me mad more than anything.


that that entertaining


Here and there it was kinda cool, but the music absolutely sucked (except for like only a certain part of 1 song...)

new concept?

fist you should make a good jump'n Run and than make ihm Invisible, and the concept is a lot of things, but not new

Not very good

It didn't really appeal to me, it's a clever concept but it just didn't keep me interested, boring on the whole