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Reviews for "Invisible Runner"


a nice idea, but very poor execution, try again


I don't know, i have to agree with PikaRobo, except in the chalenging thing, i thought with was pretty easy accuatly.
although, in the rest he's right.
nothing new, bad animations, glitches (like his head pass through walls).
i'm think you could make it way better, and you should try something innovating.
3.5/10 - 3/10
1.5/5 - 1/5


Great idea and concept, but extremely buggy. Sometimes I can jump through walls, sometimes I can walk THROUGH walls, sometimes I die in the middle of a wall, etc. Very boring and repetitive, as the whole game is about jumping from ledge to ledge...

not quite what it looked to be on the front.

needs quite a bit more work, may I suggest interesting powerups?

A problem I see with a lot of flash games

This suffers from something a lot of flash games suffer from and something that should be fixed in all of these games. The thing is you come up with a game play feature that simply isn't fun. It isn't fun to try and guess where my character is. You sacrifice game play and fun to be somewhat unique and the game really suffers from it because the platforming is sub-par and the game doesn't have anything else going for it except this stupid gimmick.