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Reviews for "Invisible Runner"

nice game concept BUT...

there WERE some glitches that i didnt like. sometimes i would jump and half of me would be in a black box and then i'd stop and drop. could use a little work on the graphics but other than that it was a good game.


pure genious. the concept is great


it's what you want to find in a game. It's addictive, a capturing set of music, difficult(but not frustrating), and fun enough to make you retry. Oh, and i got in top 10, which helps me like the game that much more xD. anyways, good job ^_^. i particularly like how there were no upper limiting barriers, despite what the picture implied

This game oozez potential

It's original and looks great, but the jump dynamics are unbelievably annoying. I would often bounce off walls and platforms only to land on spikes. I did however love the music. It really set the mood and tone of the game. Great job. With a few repairs I can see this being one of my favorite games on Newgrounds!


The first time i played the game
I didn't have to move!
I finished the game in like a minute or so.
You should probably check the game.
The second time it was normal but still
the jumping was horrible.