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Reviews for "Invisible Runner"

Great game

The fact that my arrow keys were sticking made it very difficult but it was an awesome game.


Great game.

liked it

i liked it but it seemd way to easy and got boring after a few minits of playing

It's simple and it works...

I like the style of the graphics, although simple, it get's the point across without much frills. The animation and realistic proportions of the player is a nice change from the usual chibi characters of most platformers... and the invisible concept is good... the is some slight hit-detection issues where he gets hung up trying to jump onto a ledge... mmm, other than that, my only complaint is that a couple more lives would be good, either that or no lives, cuz it doesn't hold my interest enough to play through again... which brings me to my last point, it's a little too simple.

So to improve it, make infinite lives, and fix up the hit-detection (just a minor problem with that, overall it works)... and perhaps add some more variety in the visuals, cuz it's a little plain.

Its boriing, and complicated

Try to improve this