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Reviews for "Invisible Runner"

Meh. It's alright. Just a few problems.

Yeah, the concept of being invisible and the little orbs is good, but the jumping is unresponsive (I was hopping, yes, hopping, into a wall for a good 5 or 6 seconds before he decided to jump up, and which point I had to drop down again so that I could be visible and jump up to the next ledge, then the process repeated itself ad infinitum).
Still, not bad, just not especially good either.

good idea

bad jumping.

Its interesting, but just not so entertaining

It may be different, but twist platformers have been seen better. Like shift and Karoshi suicide salesman, and the company of myself. I must say that i like this artstyle, and the music is good, but not for this kind of thing, the jumping is half retarded, and adding more different stuff would be greta, like being able to constanly change between visble and invisble, but with enemies and maybe security cameras watching you, and attacking if visible. Also what it really needs is a story, and personalities to set the mood, and progress the game.

Don't really like it.

An okay game, very original, tough as well, just not my cup of tea so to speak. Also doesn't help I died like 2 seconds away from getting 75 K :|

Good idea

The idea of being invisible for a while is a good one. However, you didn't really make use of that, the levels are just plain usual platform game levels, so the only new thing in this game is the fact that you get invisible. The jumping somehow feels laggy and the guy just doesn't jump high and far enough. The animations feel very unpolished, so I think this is a good demonstration of your idea, but now you should make it into a real game with all kinds of other ideas... For example, enemies that can only see you when you're not invisible. That would create lots of difficult situations, where sometimes you would have to be invisible to complete the level, etc...