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Reviews for "Invisible Runner"


i dont care what people say, i like it... goes to my favourites..
i think that being a good fps player helps, cuz when being able to land at least one headshot by sound when blinded gives me some kind of advantage :D
nahh, just boasting, im not lucky with headshots, but i usually kill the guy who blinded m,e :P
PS: i like this game :D


i hate how this guy just slips outta no where

Cool concept

Wasn't bad, interesting idea and I liked the music lol

Great but...

Well...I played the game untile lvl11 and...Well I don't even know how much time I spent clicking on RESTART
Don't get me wrong,the idea is pretty cool but,it should have been developed better.

nice concept

the concept of the game is interesting but it definitely needs improvement to keep the player going beyond the firstl level. It's also pretty frustrating when you loose your points just because of a graphical glitch.