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Reviews for "Invisible Runner"

needs work

the game was fun, I liked the concept but the levels and controls were frustrating. I didn't like how the character could jump through the ceiling, bounce off of walls if he ran into them and his running speed didn't match the animation (full sprint animation versus the jogging speed I felt).

Good concept, bad execution.

The idea of an invisible runner seems like a good idea, something innovative and new. Unfortunately the end product just feels unfinished. If you land on the edge of a block, the guy will slip off. If you jump anywhere your head goes through the above blocks, I've died hitting the electric currents that way. I have also gotten stuck on the corner of blocks, and that's just scratching the surface. The game wouldn't be has bad if it wasn't for the nearly impossible medals. People will often joke about how a game couldn't be harder if the player was invisible, well this game has an invisible player.


A new concept?

You seem awfully pleased with yourself.
The art and style were high-gloss, but the game was pretty lame. I was underwhelmed.

Too slow but...

It got a bit boring just watching this guy run around really slowly and goes invisible after sometime.
On the other hand, this has good music and practices instinct.
So its half and half

sticky controls?

very original and pretty cool, like the music, but it seemed to stick and not react the way I wanted it to. He would jump or move sometimes and sometimes he wouldn't. 4/5 7/10