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Reviews for "Invisible Runner"

need more work

idea is good, but you need some work on it, so try to make it better


its ok it gets hard when glitchs happen

Simple and fun

Very cute game, very fun.

I enjoyed the game

But the corner detection was horrible. Half the time, when making an identical jump, the character would foul up on the corner and fall.

Not a bad thing to have in a standard platformer as it punishes bad jump timing, but when the character is invisible? It's too unpredictable.

Couldn't make 50000 points, but I beat the game with only two retries.


glichy, no upgrades, It's gimmick doesn't make it work playing, no power ups, nothing except spikes and jumps, needs to add something new each level but it is always the same thing, I don't like the old timey filter thing.