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Reviews for "Programming God"

I became an adict!!!

This is simple but pretty much funny XD
And yes... once I started playing it I can't stop XD
But it hurts after 2 tries T___T

ow ow ow ow ow.

I found this game to be painful. my hands cramped up and everything.

I enjoyed it though a lot and would love to see something come of this.

6th place. 1,666,000 points

that was simple & challenging most don't do that at the same time. (it was also awesome because I got 6th place! YEEEEEESSSS!!!!!)


1,851,000... that's my score and the 2nd today best score! :D
too bad i need to go sleep >_> i wouldn't stop before reaching the 1st place!!.. sad!

This game is a way too much addicting!... and it break your hand's bone after burning them up!!!
This game should have a message at the start saying "Don't play too much at this game in a row or your hands may fell off!!!" XD

Wiesi responds:



OMGWTF! Good Game