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Reviews for "The Only Thing I Know"


This is a really awesome video, I really enjoyed watching it and the message was true and interesting.
Well done.

the best message ive seen about video game

love the message and sorry for your losses its a shame that people do loss out on life by spending there time in the world of entertainment i always say videogames are not to blame for crime but its the person, everyone is different in this world some get addicted to smoking others dont its the same with everything facebook twitter films even books they all can do the same thing to a person you have to be strong enough to not let it rule you. i like you been a gamer all my life but im also an artist and i like to create ideas and story and i never let games rule my life. but games for me are not just entertainment they are a part of my life. my dream is to became a games artist doing concepts and 3d modelling and textures and im at university studying the right course. i always say "anyone can be anything they want to be its a question if you are willing to put the effort in".

I've never given a 10 review before

Extremely important message. A revalation I had myself although, thankfully much earlier than the author of this flash.

I sold or gave away all my consoles last year when I did.

Interesting Viewpoint

Thought provoking. I feel like you could replace "video games" with any form of entertainment though. By choosing to do one thing, you are not doing something else, no matter what you choose to do. That makes life sound like a lose, lose scenario doesn't it? I think your key question, are games a waste of time, is a good question. The answer differs from person to person. It also depends on what kind of games they play.

My experience with games has been vastly different than yours, so I can't say I agree with you, or your message entirely. I also do not play MMO rpg's, which I felt was the main target of your video. I play games to experience an interactive story generally. Stories, and characters than then inspire me to write movies and shiii.

Truer words man, truer words...

I'm at a weird point in my life(Xbox broken) and I'm realizing that it pretty much consumes my life. This was handy in telling me that I really DO need to GTFOff of the couch and do stuff. Thanks dude.