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Reviews for "The Only Thing I Know"

I had to favorite this

Because this is fucking awesome. Everything is true. Thank god I go out and game.


Thank you for making this video...i don't understand why some people can't see or what to hear the message here...i tottally agree with you..oh and good job burning all the WOW crap towards the end...awesome :)


You have a point.

media in general

I think one of the big problems we have is that the radio, television, film ect. continually blast everyone with this really unrealistic vision of what life is about. The sickest part about this is the way people integrate and propagate this bullshit in their daily lives and those who don't fit the mold are alienated. I think video games are an easy out for people, it's a world where they are the winners and they are in control, but like you said it's not real. Thank you very much for putting out this video it's nice to hear these ideas in a larger forum

*bows at your feet*

I want to thankyou for what you have made. this is one of the best animations that i have seen in a long time. And it couldnt be more accurate. I hope that more people watch this and come to the same conclusion that you have come to, get off your Butt and go out.