Reviews for "The Only Thing I Know"

what WOULD you have done with your life?

i get what you're saying, but why is a real life achievement worth any more than a fake one? we don't live that long and in the grand scheme of things we can't do anything that really matters that much, so don't fool people into thinking that without videogames their lives can mean something. the only way to really live a successful life is to enjoy it, and if you enjoy videogames, then play them. if you enjoy the time you spend playing video games, then its by no means time wasted. the only people that are truly happy are the ones that understand how little their life means and try to enjoy it rather then searching for deeper meaning. even if you do stop videogames, what do all the things you'll end up doing with the time really matter in the end? everyone is going to die one day. stop telling yourself that you ever had a chance to do anything meaningful

always remember..

it's called MODERATION, and it applies to all things that -without moderation- lead to addictions..and all those dirty hot secs you use up whilst re-spawning add up, dood. you could've mowed the lawn, and shit. either way, props on your presentation.

Speechless, simply correct

One sad thing is that to some people, it takes someone else to tell this to you, instead of yourself to stop. What this video has, as a matter of fact, changed the way I looked at these things a lot. It makes me think of all the time I have used on these consoles and systems. Sure, there are a few positive things about gaming, but in my opinion, this video put me back on track, made me think about my future. This video truly made me look into what i have done in my early ages. This little video, that I watched once, has done something. Thank you, and please, to viewers of this comment, remember, this is what it has done to ME.


SO very true, its a pity I have been trying to find the answers you presented here on the internet, I doubt I would have found them had you not made it, thank you for it and the lessons you present on it. Great video!

i... i dont know what to say

this movie touched me and made remember all the time ive used on video games, im speechless...