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Reviews for "The Only Thing I Know"


However, your problem wasn't with videogames, sir. It was with Moderation.

Burning your WoW disks to death is what's called "Extremism." It's like with alcoholics, they can either have too much or NO alcohol whatsoever. This is simply not the case with videogames (And I really sincerely doubt it's the case with 70% of alcoholics, too)

The key lies in moderation. I've found a nice, healthy balance myself. Naturally life, family, work, and education come first. Yet, I can still find time in between going to the gym, running errands and having fun with friends to play games every now and then... about 3 hours a day, on average. Could I be doing something more productive with this time? Sure I could. But I'm not going to - I enjoy playing games. As do you, apparently.

So go ahead. Play. Enjoy. Just don't let it rule or wreck your life. Moderation.

I can see your point, however...

This video is a bit too blunt about it. Video games are NOT bad things. Some games can teach younger people the importance of morals and even simpler knowledge like words and math. I think, the older you get the less time you should be spending with video games, however, they can provide relaxation and a temporary mental break from real world issues. They won't teach you as much and you'll have more important things to do, but that doesn't mean it's not okay.

Moderation. Just giving up something you like to do so willingly is in my opinion a bad lesson. If I stopped playing today, I'd still have just as many hours at work, and just as much time for schooling. Maybe this worked for you, but this isn't a lesson for everybody.

This video misses the point where there are values in gaming. No you won't learn to be a swordsman or survive a zombie apocalypse, but that is a stupid expectation. Simpler things can be learned, and stories can be enjoyed. Just look at Assassin's Creed 2 for example. Historically, that game has a lot of value and can teach you about renaissance Italy. And the story teaches you about the avoiding the consumption of revenge, and learning to think for yourself.

I know your intentions are good with this video, but to say video games have no value and are a mistake to get into is just not true in any sense. Though you can't let video games control your life either. Video games in moderation can be great for kids and adults alike. I guess my point is, this video is too bias and maybe should contain the short term benefits of gaming too.


you CAN play games AND have social life, ok?

thank you

its amazing how many ppl didnt get the msg, or didnt even say " ty ill remember this.(as my teache says some ppl r stup...) well..
anyway great message thank you for share and great animation.

Wonderful and inspirational

First off, I'd like to start by saying that I don't give a lot of 10s. Some people may have noticed that, but I'd like to emphasize on that to show that I give 10s only for great flash.

The speech in itself was great, I wouldn't call it a speech, but the message is clear and conveyed well; it was inspirational and was a true eye-opener for me. Even though it's tough to shake off the feeling, you're perfectly right about the videogames, but you're not just talking about videogames, but rather the internet as a whole. You could've mentioned the effects of internet addiction, because more people suffer from internet addiction than videogame addiction, but that's just my opinion.

I've been in these situations plenty of times before, for example once when I had to go to a doctor, I chose to postpone it, and just use the internet instead. Needless to say, I got sick after some time.

However, I'm not just talking about the morals in this review; I'll talk about the other aspects as well soon.

The art: It was a plenty and nicely drawn as well; I liked the cartoon style that you used, and was appropriate for younger audiences.

The music: The choice was very well fitting, and the music, although you may not have made it, was great in itself.

The animation: Wonderful. It was fluid, and transitions from one aspect to another were smooth and subtle. Good job...I can't think of anything to say.

The aftermath was great -- personally I was convinced by the after-clip at the end of the movie.

To all of you people who think this is wrong: You have only one life. Make the best out of it. I know that I may not be allowed to do this, but I'm throwing caution to the winds by saying that you have only one chance in life. There are no restart buttons, and make the best out of it.

Truly wonderful; I've added this to my favorites.

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Nice moral
2) Clear and simple conveying of the underlying message
3) Fluid animation
4) Good music choice
5) Nice art style

~~ Bad points ~~
None. I simply can't think of anything.