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Reviews for "The Only Thing I Know"

lol i hit stumble after watching this.

Dude , but Zelda doesn't apply to this right?...

Am I the only person in the world that thinks they would have been retarded if they hadn't been playing Zelda games their whole life? I mean those puzzles are hard! lololol

i wrote this review before you even finnished.

everything is good, but the theme.

heres the problem:

videogames, like all things, are good for you in some way or another, IN MODERATION.
that means as long as you have a balance in your life, your good.
you can be a good gamer, and be a good father too.
many gamers can and do let themselves get trapped in the virtual world, but that doesnt mean to remove games entirely from yourself.
through games, you can learn quite a bit about life, history, and even society.
you can see how people think, how people feel.
games are a way to imagine new and fantastic realities, to bring to people a level of perspective not until then known.

the reason why games are so popular is because they let you immerse yourself in them. sure, you can make an amazing painting, or a flashy...flash...cartoon..., but some avarage joe isnt going to always get the point, or even understand what it is at all.
videogame bridge that gap by making the average joe an unaverage part of that work of art.

i agree that becoming so addicted that letting it rule your life is a bad thing, but in moderation, videogames can inspire greatness, bring motivation to a dreary day, or even uplift spirits.

Some valuable points to this

Most of it doesn't apply to me. I'm a wild gamer. I excel in school. I'm quite fit and I'm putting on muscle, I have a good number of friends I'd give anything for, and none of it was tainted by gaming at 18 years old. I guess if you're lucky enough to find that median that prevents addiction but sparks interest, moderating your time and efforts becomes easy. I also really like your concluding point about community. I'd give anything to meet the masterminds behind what I see as a technical and creative art. To meet somebody that I can run around and "spazz" about with an upcoming game. Games taught me something else too: Characters. I aim to become an actor, and through gaming I've seen how deep and beautiful fictional characters can be. Becoming them is even more exciting and after taking classes and being lead roles in theater plays, my path in life has been, for the time being, chosen.

Oh, what I'd give to be a voice actor for a game... That's something I'm hoping to do along the way :]

Have faith. Turning interest into constructive stock is possible even for gaming. :)

Thank You!

I must begin by first expressing my gratitude for your courage to share this video, and I can only imagine the amount of criticism you've received, and how strong you have to be to handle it in the right way.

In total honesty, I do agree with what has been said about moderation, and how you don't have to give up gaming ENTIRELY to truly appreciate what we have in reality. Still, like many, I personally can relate closely to what was covered, with the accumulative expenses, etc., and while I've begun to realise this myself, I eventually discovered this, which actually helped me reach a stage where I could combat this with the intent to make a comfortable change. I'm really enjoying this challenge, seeking a new balance.

I love gaming and the creativity behind it, but you've really identified some key principles which many don't regard seriously enough in this modern world of electronic technology. I've definitely taken something away from this, and I hope that others will too, without getting the wrong idea.

I aspire to DRAW like you, let alone animate! I love New Leaf Saga, and all the best for your future work - you are incredibly talented. ^_^