Reviews for "The Only Thing I Know"

You made yourself out to be this really weak willed person who can't manage their time to make room for both his life and his hobby. Video games aren't to blame for your missing out on "the best years of your life". You are the only one to blame because you didn't know how to control yourself. Throwing video games away isn't going to change the fact that you were weak enough to let yourself be consumed by your hobby. An addiction is an addiction. A person like you will just latch on to another vice and end up using your life up in another way that's going to make you hating yourself for years down the line, again, because the only thing you needed to figure out, was some god damn moderation. Self control. This video does nothing but demonstrate how you cast blame on make believe problems instead of dealing with the real issue, which is yourself.

I award you no stars, and i hope some day you heed these words.

Although I may not necessarily agree with everything you say in this, I must admit that it can be true for some people. Some of the reviews to this film are aggravating. Not because they're contrary to what you said and how I feel, but because they don't contribute to the meaning of this video. You clearly intended this to be an opinion based film, and something you experienced. It's based on how you feel. That's your right. A few reviews are attacking you PERSONALLY for something that is your opinion. "I say you just have poor time management" is one of the ones that stuck out to me. Now, I'd be hypocritical to attack the user that wrote that review when I'm calling him out for what he said about you, but I do believe personal attacks on something that's opinion based is uncalled for. For all we know as other opnion oriented creatures, you manage your time to the best of what you're capable and the best of what you know. Because that may be the case, deciding and evaluating that videogames may be the cause of your unhappiness or whatever you wish to call it is smart and is right for YOU. I'm not into self-empowerment(I think it's bullcrap), but you do need to do what's best for you. If this is best for you, then go for it. Change your life and end it in a better way than you started it. I hope for your sake that you never do make that mistake again, because life is a personal journey that you have to discover on your own. Share that journey with others, and maybe, just maybe, you'll help someone stop from making the same mistake.

Thank-you for your contribution, and your opinion.

i say you just have poor time management. i have to for everything and still i'm a hardcore gamer. i goto the gym everyday, i go out with my friends everyday, i work everyday, and i play videogames everyday. i have a girlfriend, go to parties, and still have time for videogames. yea im tired, but not from videogames, from work. i sleep 7 hours a day, which is more then what is recomemnded. in fact i feel better with less sleep. so stop bitching and learn how to manage your time.

First things first, I'll start with what I liked. Your animation wasn't bad, and neither was the quality of the audio. Since that's about it, I'll move on to what I was a little less happy with.

Namely, the fact that you were painting all videogames in the same negative light. Yes, there are some games that are little more than a drain of time and effort, but you completely neglect those that aren't. Game like Portal or Bioshock, which provide you with an experience, or show you something beautiful, or force you to make hard decisions. And it's this lack of a distinction, and generalization of all games that isn't fair at all.

Also, what about the games that connect people? There are friends I've made purely from a shared interest in a particular game, and friendships strengthened over time invested in multiplayer. I think you need to be more careful about blaming videogames when clearly your problem is with addiction to them. And, really, addiction to anything can be harmful, not just videogames.

You point out that one could read several books in the time spent on videogames, which is certainly true, but is that time more productive? Will you be any richer, experience wise? If your reading classics, yeah. Trashy romance novels, not so much. Likewise, if you spend that time on farmville, all you'll have is imaginary plants. If you're playing Mass Effect, and making decisions that make you stop and think about the kind of person you are, understand your own morality and ethical code? Then you most certainly are better off.

In short, I think you needed to be more careful, more considerate and have spent more time thinking about this video before you made it. As it is, it strikes me as a strange and uncomfortable combination of preachy and whiny.

This is a good video, but there are way worse things to be addicted to than videogames. Shame on you for making video games sound like methamphetamine, or heroin, alchohol, crack, cocaine or any other highly addictive substance. Video games dont destroy your body and mind unless you let them, much like television. Wise up. You can be a video game addict, ive met them, but they are not in the same league as the crackheads and tweakers I've had to suffer the company of.