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Reviews for "The Only Thing I Know"


Glad you've realized this, and have actually had the balls to do something about it (unlike so many others)

You made the wise choice, and I respect you for that.

Not to mention of course that this video was awesome, informative, and most of the pictures made it funny as hell :).

Great job, love to see this frontpaged!

You've spoke to me.

This has changed my perspective on video games, but you could've sold your world of warcraft game...<.<...I'm sorry you got divorsed...I'm still gonna play games, alot of us are. I know and I'll take the risks of it doing so much to me, but that's who I am. Of course I can always save and turn it off to make the time, but if I wany to play video games, ok then, I will. But throwing them away is going to make me crave them. But I hope you've spoke to other people in this manner as well.

inspiring (or whatever the right word is)

this truly showed me what playing video games too much can do to your future but i also do say that you can play these games with friends. games are meant for entertainment and shall stay that way if people overuse them that is their fault and thats excactly the point of this video: to spend time wisely and occasionally play them.

- i think this will help people cause it helped me a little bit and helped me write this ENTIRE thing so yeah, great job

Overall pretty good.

It's a good message, and the drawings are nice.
The only problem is that it lags a little, but it doesn't take away much from it.