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Reviews for "The Only Thing I Know"

I am a gamer myself and i went towards that path because, no one like me or wanted to be friends with me. That was before i found to of my best friends that i stil talk to today.

I might not have that many friends but I found these friends because they were just like me, a freak, a retard. i didn't care what anyone said i was myself and i have found a way to balance my games and real life. So i want to thank you for your advice about not wasting life on games, and you have made me think about how games have either wrecked or helped my life.

From your new fan, Random Man!

so you wasted you life? ok so you were and still are a loser. and instead of gettn off your ass and making something of ur life u decided to instead continue to be a lazy sack of crap and make this flash to feel like u accomplished something. fact is, you havent. dont wanna b a gamer? fine. but dont continue to ruin ur life QQing about it.

Video games are not the problem like drugs or any other addiction. It is the underlying cause of why you choose them to dissociate and hide from reality.

I can't say this thinking is flawed as in my personal opinion certainty is the opposite of intelligence and while I believe myself a very logical thinker I do often analyze my actions enough to realize that I was a total hypocrite but I'm still leaving my ten cents regardless.

These thoughts are completely normal for a gamer... BUT this kind or retrospect can come with anything you do and if it's difficult to say if these mistakes were necessary for being able to value things and create the human being that any individual became.

This is one perspective but as such it's based fully on one person's values. Friendship is worth only as much as you give it and games bring as much substance as you are able to create with them yourself. Just because it doesn't happen in the world we physically live in a game is when simplified the same as our society, a system with limits and requirements. An experience is experienced by you and you alone and thus it is as real as you experience it as. As an atheist this is my view on religious experiences too, as a philosopher what I see purpose and fulfilment as and as a scientist what I see love as.

Worth noting is the current stand point of the gaming industry and how experience in games can open multiple career options and as earlier stated experiences and choices in games are as real as we take them as and will affect our lives further. The existence of educational games and the patterns of thought we may learn through them are in my opinion valid evidence of games having the possibility to affect our mental side positively.

It is also up for question why living in a virtual world should be discarded as false. If a person is capable of finding experiences better suited for them in a game I see no reason for them not to strive towards those goals while ignoring more minor ones. Naturally it must also be question if the burden these people may impose on the outside world is morally wrong yet if they are innovators of the virtual world it would first have to be proved that the people discarding the virtual world aren't simply a burden on the true and better world. Virtual resources are easier to manage in quantity and distribution allowing for more maximal happiness on the whole.

For our existence the real world we live in is necessary and must be taken care of to some point but we have yet to find out if we could simply take the whole population into virtual reality yet keep the lowest necessary amount of activity in the outside world to support a better life in virtual reality. Maximizing the outcome of our one and only life may come from developing a world entirely under our control instead of a necessary yet restricting world ridden with problems.

We all already live in our own worlds based on how we see things so why not simply bring that under our control?

I'm fully welcome to critique on this matter and actually I WANT to receive some as my thought patterns may be too stagnant to immediately notice flaws with these thoughts even though I expect there to be some. If anything was left unclear I will try my best to help you understand but bear in mind that this is purely theoretical and I don't have the skill or intellect to make this come true as a functional system (as of yet). I feel like an idiot putting this out but I'd just feel like a bigger one if I didn't.

Sincerely yours, Magma
(aka TRauMa_, DrLiamSeuss, SandyNeegus, OffensiveText and ZeroIsMany)

P.S. If I have huge gaping holes in there they may simply be due to me thinking through this only once as the thoughts were just flowing through my mind and I wrote this whole thing in about 10 minutes and am too exhausted to go through it again.

I agree with this video IN THEORY, but video games are like any other hobby. You can take it too far,
and end up unfulfilled. Even if you're doing something ostensibly constructive, like building bottles in boats, all you have at the end is a bunch of bottles in boats, and what real use are they? Rather than saying "Video games are a waste of time" we'd be better off saying "Use moderation in leisure activity, and actively search for some real meaning if you want to grow from it."

Video games, like any other entertainment medium can be approached as both art and
entertainment. If you're discerning in your choices and you really make and effort to get something
bigger out of the experience, I don't see where playing a game is necessarily any more of a time
waster than reading a novel; it's all about how you approach it. Consume mindless junk without thinking, and yes, eventually it will feel pointless. Consume quality media mindfully, and you'll be rewarded