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Reviews for "The Only Thing I Know"

i hope people here get it

you saw something i did saw but good for me i saw it before was too late, i still playing videogames but now i triying to go to more social life in the real world i hope people get it here you should try to post in other websites o schools......................and good job burning WOW ahahah

-wipes away tear-

-clap-....-clap-....-clap-....-blows nose-......thank you

true words

i like to game, but it never comes before friends, I CHOOSE to game, because i'm bored, because i like the game and i have the time to spend gaming, but i know when to stop, i don't game during exams and such, this is a problem some people face, they don't know when to quit

as for some hating comments, like Valuga, you are the one with no life, friends are the people you LIKE to spend time with, if you do not like to spend time with people you call friends, then they are not your friends, this movie is about not letting your life being dominated by games and virtual realities, it's about having fun with these, NEXT to your social life

Very nice

I was quite impressed with this informative flash of yours about video games,it had a lot of meaning to it,the animation was really good also i laughed my ass off seeing someone burn the World of Warcraft games too and overall you did a great job on this flash.

You burnt WoW.....

You coulda given it to me, ya know.....

Also, I think I'd rather make a level 80 character than do all of that. There is sense in what you said, but the loneliness and gaming away my existence is the life for me.