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Reviews for "The Only Thing I Know"

lucky me

i realized this when i was 7 thx to that i have a hot girlfriend and im only 13

is pretty honest

is true and people often just play games alone but wath true games are for is to make people happy, one can blame the games (not what u are doing u said that some communities are good) or stop acting is not his fault and start playing less and start being with his friends afterall it takes little bravery to blame others but it takes a true man to see ur own crap (talking by personal xperience of course too)

Thoroughly true

True,true and ture.And you have gained 10 points for unlocking the achievement, "Stating The Obvious"

Nice flash. Average morals :D

I am a gamer, always been. I started my gaming carrer before the elementary school, with the c64. I had many consoles, but it was the PC where i focused a lot more of my interest. I was a hardcore gamer until the end of highschool (even played mmorpgs for a while), and become a more casual one during the university.Nonetheless i had a fairly normal social life.Don't get me wrong i still use the computer lots of hours each day, however i use it mostly for other activities rather than playing. I've asked myself many times: what did i gain from all this gaming?
Well it costed me a lot of time, which i will never get back,
but actually I gained a lot:
I learnt a second language from nothing, english.
I learnt how to assemble computers from single components.
I became good at troubleshooting computers.
I have improved my computer skills a lot, and i can easily learn to use new software.
It empowered my creativity, and improved my problem solving abilities.
It made me feel a lot of emotions.
And in the end it was a crucial step to reach my current utilization of the PC as the ultimate information source and learning tool.Throught which i got incalculable benefits, since i used it for passing pharmacology exams, learning skills like metal and wood working, electronics, mechanics, reading philosphy and life experiences and so on...
Frankly, being a computer user all my life gave me tremendous advantages compared to the people of my same age
I realize the great addiction potential that games have(especially mmorpgs), and it is well known that human beings are extremely vulnerable to psychological addiction, but the issue is not of the games, it is of the man, and how he decides to use the instruments available to him.

One more thing, talking about social interaction... well honestly i found that, much less rewarding (per hour spent) than gaming. I spent countless hours talking with my friends, even about serious life issues, philosophy and so on...
It is interesting, no doubt, but i always learned very little from them, i stopped having much gain from socializing very fast.I have probably burned so much fuel going around searching pubs and places with my friends and girls, that i could have powered a city like milan for a week...and what did that left me with? Yeah well, certain emotions could not have been acquired any other way, so i suppose it is a price one has to pay for those,and probably it was worth it; but with those few pleasureful emotions came a huge load of undesirable ones, and they have taught me many things like:
That when things get dire, friends disappear really fast.That talking is not done with the purpose of searching the truth, but with the purpose of estabilishing one's superiority to appease self esteem needs.That you can be everyone you want, as long you are the same as the others.That even between friends, watching your own back never become obsolete,maybe it becomes even more important.When someone experiences a very pressing need, he will trample you over if you are on his\hers way even if he was your bestest friend.And in the end that everyone is out for himself, despite the limtless profusion of good intentions.Yes all these are critical lessons, extremely important and probably worth a lot.However did socializing improved my life quality? somtimes a little, often damaged it. Did the computer improved my life quality? DEFINITELY.
Maybe i got a bit carried away... to summarize it, i think that socializing is often overrated :)


dude you gave me a freaking epiphany! i may be only 13 but i am not afraid to say that iam over weight have had no romance life or any of that because of video games and t.v.. and for the second part i agree. it does bring communities together. it not only allows people to make friends but it allows people to be who they are.
but for those idiots who think that video games are the way to live life your wrong. you people are more stupid than the descion to go to war with iraq. i would like to see you survive in war with atomic blasters or fighting aliens. or fight zombies. i hate to sound like a parent but video games are rotting our brain. i had a lot more to say but ranting on what i did i hope it opens your mind to realize that vido games are not the most important thing in the world for those of u who brag u have every single award for super smash brothers brawl i would not be so proud. because do u know how many hours u must have put in? enough to read a 20 chapter book. as my final line i do NOT envy those of u who brag for high scores on super tough games. okay i lied. for those of u who think modern warfare 2 is tough just imagine how tough it is in a real war. or when u jump out of a plane in a game. why dont u go jump out of real plane? not gonna do it? u know y? because u r addicted. i realize many of u are hating me but if u just open ur mind u will see that iam right.