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Reviews for "The Only Thing I Know"

may i?

i am going to call you a morron!
if you dont play you should sell it, not burn it!!!

thank you for your advice

and he has got a piont ignore it or not but if you play video games atleast go outside and enjoy your self while you still can

Very Eye-opening

I realize now, like Brian, that I have spent a lot of my life playing video games. I grew up with the Sony and Nintendo gaming sysytems, and I loved to play them almost everyday.

I know now what I must do......Go into my basement, shut off all the light, grab a bottle of Coke or Pepsi(which ever I find more available at the moment), log onto Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 online and kill some people to achieve a virtual award that will have little to no benefit towards my future! WOOOOO!

Nah, but seriously, this is a moving piece. Excellent job.

So very refreshing, as well as eye opening.

Lets face it, Newgrounds is a great site, but like all others, they have favorites. Anime Tributes, Hentai, Video Game Parodies, etc... For once it's nice to see something on the Front Page that damn well deserves to be there, not just for a few weeks, but in my opinion, the entire remaining life time of the site. I'm 20 years old. I have no friends, no life, no skills. NOTHING. Sure I've got >9000 Achievements, but I can't put those on a resume, I can't impress a girl with something so utterly fake. I was in a state of denial, believing what my parents always told me was wrong, and now I see that I was the only one that was truly wrong. I once had a life, I once had friends, I once was on my way to a great career. Yet, I threw it all away to make time for gaming. I threw spending the night out with my friends away so I could level just one more character, finish just one more quest. The sad realization being, that those quests never ended, ever. My friends drifted away from me, no longer trying to pull me out of my self imposed isolation, and eventually no one but myself was left. I was once in college, a paid scholarship, and I denied it. For more than one reason, but the one that dominated it was "I don't have time for gaming" For GAMING. Like it's going to help me survive in the Real World. Irregardless, I guess what I wanted to say was that your message has been heard, at least by one person, and it changed his life. I'm going to start tending to what I've neglected for so long. Thank you good sir, and may your future be filled with promise.

The Only Thing I Know....

Oh goody! A preachy flash to review. This should be exciting. I mean how many of those do you see very often? While everyone so far is off commenting on this argument and revealing their life stories as either a raging sucess or a miserable failure and praising their Lord for this flash like it's Reverand Schmoyer, I've decided to do the harder challenge and not discuss any of that and do what reviewers are supposed to do in the first place: Review The Movie and then wait for the incoming hate mail while eating a tub of vanilla ice cream while wathcing Lifetime.

To be short, If you weren't already forced to watch the preachy movie "Moral Kombat", then this would make a fine substitute for that. But I'm not here to make things short so lets discuss the flash itself.
The movie runs in a smooth animation with a very standard artstyle. It's very well-drawn, but not very unique. The background music did match the theme well, but I couldn't tell if it was trying to make us feel sad, praise "Independance Day". The mixture of real time, and gaming screens made this feel like some sort of An Inconvenient Truth, though it did go overboard when he decidd to go serve up some WoW on the grill with a side of pun to a picnic table of crying fans going ballistic like they themselves were being burned for their crusades.
And as soon as I was enjoying the movie for what it was, it ended in a cliche orchestrated ending with a thank you and God Bless America.

Now even though I enjoyed the flash movie itself, I seem to disagree on the whole agenda of "Video Games are Wasteful". Video games are indeed entertainment, but overall it has inspired so many people to imagine despite the public majority of inactivity. Some people say that video games are an artform; I would like to sort of disagree with that idea because in reality, all art is joke, so you might as well laugh along like you would if a clown was being bitten in the ass by a courgie. Others say it's an addiction, but what isn't nowadays. Many people would love to get rid of cigarettes etc, but what makes the world go 'round unfortunately is money, and these companies seem to produce tons of it as well as produce jobs. As long as a simple word called moderation comes along, everyting could turn all peachy.
Now I would love converse some more, but I'm running out of words, so if you wish to seek more views, may I suggest looking up "The Game Overthinker" or "Zero Punctuation", but whatever you do don't look up "The Angry Video Game Nerd" because that would just make the argument much worse.
To the Author: How do we know that all we have is one life? How do we know that we don't just respawn as another organism just back as Level 1? What's the point of having a good life if all you do is regret your past. "The Past is History, the Future is a Mystery, but Today is a Gift, Thus why it's called the Present".
For now, that what I consider games to be.

.....Damn it I did anyway didn't I.

$ $ $ $ $
5 Continues out of 5.