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Reviews for "The Only Thing I Know"

cheesy, but oh so poignant

Very true observation about how much something designed to make money and entertain, in whatever order, could actually leave a person with no marketable skills. I must point out that the dialogue did come across as preachy, but this didn't detract from your message very much. Not a huge fan of your choice for the musical score...
Let me also take the time to state that I have no idea how to make a flash cartoon, or even compose a coherent piece of art that doesn't absolutely confound people, provoking such comments like, "wow, that's so weird", or "why does that bird have a demonic head? Are you a satanist?", or my favorite "thats really cool man. Can you draw me a landscape?"
With all that being said, this cartoon stirs up a lot of feelings within me. Nice job.

Sounds like me, but...

... I am 18, and not married, and about to go to college. Video Games occupy my time. I have nothing better to do out here in suburbia, so I play games like MW2 and Mass Effect 2. Should I get more sleep, OH YES. Should I study for tests, damn right. Should I look to the future, College here I come.

As soon as I'm done with college, video games will be a "if I have nothing better to do" activity. B/c my life will be owned by the U.S. Navy! Can't w8 to get my ass kicked at B.U.D.S.!

this video helped me look at things a bit more clear. I think I'm gonna hold off on buying that PS3.

Well spoken piece with great imagery.

I hope you continue to play games, but simply change your context. I play wow ( one 80 that took me over a year to level ) simply because a bunch of my friends, gf, and room-mate do. Before that I was never willing to play an mmo. Didn't see the point if I didn't know anyone playing. I play games with others constantly and almost always in person. Kind of a party favor. I also use'em to help me clear my head when modding. :P Some times a little play time is all you need.

Fact is, I take time to play games only when there's nothin' else going on or if I'm not the only one. Making time to live your life doesn't mean you can't be an avid gamer. The healthy gamers mentioned here still get out and enjoy life. We also work and have relationships and etc. Long live the industry, let's just hope it can be handled maturely in the future.

Very well done...

And well spoken! I have to say kudos for your willpower because I know how hard it would be tto give up those games and burn the warcraft pack!
I must say that I now feel enlightened because of you... I've never had a big problem with games but this just shows me that it really does build up and there's so much more to do in life!

he didn't hear the last part did he,

\/ \/ \/ \/ he seems ignorant.. (not to me mean)

well done flash, and 100% true, i am a HIGH hour spender time user on videogames,... and i love this flash. it has the potential to ruin lives. but it also has the potential to bring people closer.

such power and emotion in entertainment has the same effect and is the same as any other activity. sure the others give skill and longer gratification. you must be aware of whatever you do.