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Reviews for "The Only Thing I Know"

Very inspiring

It touched me and true words were spoken, but the main thing with games is that you need to realize they're just for leisure and when a friend asks to go out or invites you to his/her party, then go instead of playing games. I mostly play online games with my friends, through the years my friends and I went our own way, went to other schools, etc... but these games always bring us back and ofcourse we do have appointements in real life but when it's raining or we just can't get together for some reason, we get together in the virtual world, without things like facebook or online games, many friendships would waste away through time.

And for all the non-english speaking people (like me) out there, games are a great way to learn english :)

I dont know what to say exactly...

I dont know how to really say this but i just noticed that it would of maybe taken me years to find this infomation out i might of never found it out either
watching this actually changed my life a little i think because when i look at the facts
your right in every detail but i still think if you play online games with Friends in real life together you might improve your social life,Vocabulary but youll never improve or get talents to aid you in the future now that i think of my years of playing video games Days apon nights and not going outside or doing homework on time
i can imagine my future and the thought of it makes me wanna cry i wonder now what could i be doing right now at this moment while im typing this long Comment
i always watched your flims and never thought of how you earned the talent of a great Designer or How great your ideas are as i want to continue down the path i am taking right now of video games MMORPGS or even as simple as flashgames or Videos i wont like what comes out in the end so you know what i think ima go outside tomorrow maybe hang out with friends and do what i can
to improve the path i am on now and maybe change my future and maybe the
future of others i will still play video games in my life but i wont let them take over my life well ima go plan to do something tomorrow thanks brian for this
it made me look at the world a different way i also liked the detail and the facts you put into this though good job.

My Opinion

I think that the person who posted below me is completely correct. But i still would like to say that everything you do could be considered a waste of time. When your solving world peace somone could say that that was a waste of time when you could be solving world hunger. Everything that you do is " waste of time" but you cant waste time you Use it. it is only your own perception of what was a waste and what you used effeciently. i might call gaming a waste of time but i could call finding the love of my life a waste of time as well. Im just saying in my own personal opinion i do think that games are a waste of time overall but sometimes i really have nothing else to do. Nothing in your life is productive to everyone everything is different from somone elses viewpoint.

I did like the video though and it did have a strong point. But luckily that hasnt happened to me i never push other things aside to make time for gaming i just game when ive been pushed aside and have nothing to do with friends or what have you.

Self Control

A better moral isnt that video games are a waste of time (they kind of are. :|)

But rather that one should develop self control.

Everything cost time. Everything cost money. Want to go out and be with friends? Well if you go to a restuarant you lose time and money. And the same argument of "the only thing you gain is a fleeting sense of happiness" could be made for it.

But you dont go out everyday. You go out sometimes. And the same should be said of video games. You play them. Sometimes.

Hell the same thing can be said of books. I mean fiction. You dont LEARN anything from them. You get a story and go oh that's neat and move on.

gotta say, that was moving

I think you have some valid points, you told them very well. i will say that video games have definitely inspired me in many ways. Still great presentation, good job.