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Reviews for "The Bow Game"

Ok but....

there is not a lot of difference between the different bows AND the bow pulling back sound and hitting target noise is SO repetitive that i wanted to mute sound BUT you don't have that so i just turned up my music. It is also very short it took me barely any time to beat the campaign and unlock all the weapons


The sounds need some work, they are annoying as hell. And, like the gun game, it is too easy. Completed it all, every single challenge (except for the playing 2/4 hours) in 50 minutes exactly. Good physics and nice graphics though. A little annoying buy addictive if you're bored.

Great Game, Annoying bug.

This is one of my favorite games on Newgrounds along with the Gun Game, but the Black Mamba Expert medal is completely impossible and I can't unlock the final crossbow.


I guess you have never fired a bow... The game itself is well made, but I have a problem with quite a few things. A major one is that in your game the string stretches, when on a real bow it is the arms that bend. Also an arrow's path tends to actually start off going slightly upwards and will actually be still moving slightly upwards when it hits a target, at closer ranges (which it appears are in this game). Also the way the string is held is wrong. Only the end of your top three fingers are used, your fingers do not wrap around the string. Also generally you either have your index finger, or none of your fingers above the string. It is not that this game is terrible, it is just that it lacks understanding of how bows work.

I like the idea, but it's basically just the gun game "framework" with changed stats and sprites. The bow stats are pretty bad, there is no variety.
The challenges are unoriginal and very easy.
The whole game is pretty easy, compared to the first game.
There were a lot of things that could have been done better (a main one was making the bows more balanced, and each category have a purpose/be good enough to use).