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Reviews for "Data Worm"


great snake game. gameplay is virtually flawless. artwork is dull but functional. animation is smooth and complex enough... and even pretty. the music and sound are average. if you make a sequel, try adding in a bigger variety of powerups and possibly a background. overall a great win for minimalism.


Addicting game that takes the better of snake game with good music & nice graphics. 2740 points! Take that!

Tikola responds:

Oh my, that's some good points! :)

Thanks for the compliments.


A nice weird futuristic version of snake. Great flow with the animation and interesting gameplay style.


Interesting take on the snake game. I had fun. However, I do have one suggestion. There should also be a powerup that will cut your length back. Granted though without levels persay that is the great limiter in this game. Fun anyhow as snake games go.

Adding a new twist to snake!

Great variation to snake! I already got stuck at 770, but that's just the difficulty, which is exactly good I think. Nice and simple graphics, not too CPU-intensive, good music, and not boring. This is a pretty good one. I'm only a bit dizzy...