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Reviews for "Data Worm"

Simple fun

You managed to take a classical game and put a slight change on it and style it to something excellent. The only bad thing is that the score counter does not reset immediately on restart, but that is a small thing. The gameplay simply is fun and the graphical style simply works and is perfectly supported by the sound effects and the music.


hehe, woohoo, all te annoyance and frustration from the original now in 360 degrees!! yay


its a good spin of the classic game


I absolutely love this! I love that someone took a game that's existed for a long time and seems totally unoriginal anymore and then took that to a new level of awesome ness with just a few simple modiciations and a theme. I love it. It's absolutely awesome.

My onlyyy qualm with this is that the triangles are hard to differentiate! I can't tell what's my tail and what's ucollected data after a while. I would say maybe make them a different color?--Blue maybe since the powerups are yellow, the datas green, and the viruses are red? It would be a simple fix I believe, but I'm no gamemaker so I don't know. But if it's fixable I'd say fix it and replace this with the fixed version because then it'd be flawless to me.

Unless you intended it to add a certain level of difficulty to the game, in which case I'd say maybe add a difficulty selection, so that if we wanted the collected data a different color it can be etc. :) Otherwise AMAZING. Regardless of my issue with it, I'll give it a 10/10 5/5.

Tikola responds:

Thank you for this great feedback.

I thought of the colors but no one ever mentioned having problems with the colors (including me) so I thought it's not a problem. Too bad :(

Ooo yeaah

This game in its simplicity is like the most addictive game I've played in a few years! It just pushes me to keep starting over and over again because I know I can get a better score every time. I like how the powerup sucks the data in like a vacuum-cleaner. Maybe you should add more powerups? Keep up the good work.