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Reviews for "Angel vs Demon"

Wow, that was really deap.

That flash was really good. The art wasn't completely A+ material, but the concept and the meaning was just sooo deep. I don't know if this is what you meant by it, but this is how I feel about things in my past sometimes. No matter what, I just kept trying to force the demons and bad things from my past to stay locked away behind that wall. I kept trying to keep that wall in tact but it was crumbling. But the only way to get over and beat those demons is to face them. You can't keep locking them away or they will eventually tear you down to the point where you can't fight them anymore and they will take you over. This was very deep, and because of my past, this one hit me hard. Very good job 5 and 10 all around.


That was epic. The animation was smooth. The song fit perfect. You are very talented.


short but amazing


You really made this for a guy that needed to fix his relationship? Its been a long time now. This animation will continue to live on!

Really good

U could make a series