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Reviews for "Angel vs Demon"

A short with a backstory, I like it.

Upon my first viewing of this short I was left admiring the art style, an the concept. What I got out of it what that The man was only hiding his demons (in this case literally) but His love releases his inner daemon which he was only bottling inside hims. She treated the source but destroying the demon as opposed to hiding the demon, treating problem as opposed to the the symptoms. Then When i read the Description I and learning The animation was not your work but a troubled and i would assume devote man, I decided to rate your short in a different light

Instead of commenting on the short and abrupt end, I will only say;
"Your ability to capture this mans imagination onto paper is outstanding, and your art to be congratulated."


very cool i really liked, it's a little too short but still awesome


love the way you made it. good animation and music.


solid animation and a cool concept...
noticed it was rina-chan's right away after the angels first few words

it's good but

When i saw the title i was thinking of a longer battle yet i do understand everyone as their concept of angel and demon, i simply found it too short but on a different point of view it a cute thing to show that a girl he loves rid is heart of deep sadness only to let happiness shine. Animation was very nice I hope you make more.