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Reviews for "Angel vs Demon"


Amazing animation and art style. Would love to see more with this art style.


That guy is an ass, i couldnt stop thinking that throughout the whole movie

Pretty kewl.

I enjoyed the emotions tickled from this short film. X3


The fact that I hate Valentine's Day makes me want to zero bomb this, but I can't, It's too well done.
I can't see any flaw, aside from the fact that you had Rina-Chan voice the angel chick.
You see, I agree with Omega.
It seems that I hear Rina-Chan's voice in every female role on newgrounds lately, and quite simply, it's getting tiresome...

I loved it

So emotional. Loving the guy and his inner demons that he wants to put away forever. But there was no need for she changes him on the inside anyways.
And beautiful art. 10/10!