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Reviews for "Angel vs Demon"


Good but it was sorta short and random

Sounds like a scam...

What a crazy story..
Well im glad you decided to finally upload it.
The animations better then what i see usually on newgrounds.
And i hope to see you continue your passion for animation because by the looks of it three years ago you had talent.
I wonder what's in store for us in 2010 then.

OK, but a bit random

I like the idea of the story, it's pretty random but it makes the grade for a valentines day movie. But it was pretty comfusing. Some guy pushing blocks into a wall with a black thing in there. Then just to have it all ripped out by an angel who appears. And then they get eaten. But I give a thumbs up for the brilliant use of anime.


I relly love the plot in this, and how the red ligt consumes it all (8 o im deeply Inspirat!! and I tottly get the feeligns in this story!!

This is better than I thought!

Well done. The animation's so smooth and detailed. It's a shame you never heard from him since then. Man, 3 years is quite a while. I really wonder what his girlfriend would have thought of this. Really good for a 3 year old flash, by the way. ^^