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Reviews for "Great Destiny Man"


He meant the Girl as his strongest opponent yet. Love GDM Hope there is much more to come! =D

Amazing Short

I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing more episodes of this. Animation was very well done (aside from some apparent scaling issues between Great Destiny Man and the little girl) and the voices were superb. The entire flash was very humorous. One thing I have to bring up though, in the author comments section you put "The greatest swordsman in the land meets his strongest opponent yet!" -- Now I'm all for vague descriptions but is that really accurate? He literally cut through those enemies like butter.

It is my great destiny...

...to give this flash a 10/10!!! For it is the Great Destiny Man!!!

My demands.

I demand you start reproducing with every female possible in order to carry on your greatness

I really like your art style

The ending is fucking hilarious keep up the good work